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Discovery Early Years
Project-Based Learning
IB Diploma Programme

About Us

Discovery Programme was established in August 2002 in Karachi as a part of Beaconhouse to introduce a separate institution inspired by the Buck Institute’s Model of Project-based Learning (PBL). PBL is the foundation by which students acquire a deeper and more engaged understanding of real-world problems and situations that prepares them for the challenges of the 21st century. Discovery Programme offers a unique and distinctive academic choices to provide an innovative and challenging educational pathway for the students. It offers a warm and nurturing environment where parents, students and teachers work as a team. Discovery programme has consistently emphasized on the importance of the role of technology in 21st century learning

Welcome to Beaconhouse

It is extremely encouraging to note that the new Beaconhouse curricula are being considered of value by other schools in the private & public sectors as they seek to implement modern educational strategies within the framework of Pakistani cultural & religious values. Beaconhouse students have performed exceptionally at both O & A Levels, consistently achieving a 100% pass rate. They have had the honour of ranking in the CIE’s high achievers list year after year with top positions at the regional, country and world levels. This has enabled them to gain admission in some of the leading universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore & Pakistan.

Why Beaconhouse?

Beaconhouse is one of the largest private school networks in the world, imparting education to over 285,000 students from preschool to post-graduation. The Beaconhouse of today has independent divisions in the UK, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Oman, UAE, Thailand and Belgium. Through associations with several international universities, Beaconhouse has institutionalised in-service teacher education like no other school. Beaconhouse caters to the educational needs of students from Pre-Nursery, International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme and Project Based Learning (PBL), Matriculation, O Level and IGCSE, A Levels and the IB Diploma Programme.

Shaping lives

- We enrich lives through playing
- Shaping learning as per the needs the individual student
- Children blossoming at school
- Excellence in early childhood
- Inculcating 21st Century Skills
- Guidance for each child through the educational years
- Technologically equipped classrooms
- State of art facilities
- Multiple choices of subjects
- Career counselling & a chance to progress to the top universities of the world
- Forthright relationship with parents

School Events

Year around students get opportunities to showcase their talents in various school based events

Music Lessons

Students have the option to learn the art of music, under the guidance of expert music teachers.

Foriegn Languages

This curriculum tries to inculcate international mindedness amongst students. Our students learn foreign languages which empowers them to take on the challenges in today’s dynamic world.

Library Learning Resource Centre

Our 2 learning resource centers (libraries) are fully equipped with state of the art learning peripheries, along thousands of books.

Sports Calendar

Sports is an integral part of the curriculum. Students can showcase their talents in a variety of sports such as Cricket, Football, Rugby, Tennis, Swimming and more.

Clumination Day

Students get a chance to present their work to the fellow class, teachers and parents on Culmination day. It is a crux of their efforts of the particular term.

IB Results

Beaconhouse IB students have consistently produced the highest scores and gone on to attain international scholarships

Global Linkage

IB students can benefit from expertise of career counselors and Beaconhouse’s partnerships with top institutions across the World

Culmination Day

Design N Animate