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Admission Policy

Our Discovery Schools offer IGCSE and IB Diploma Programme. Assessment for the IB Diploma Programme is conducted by school in collaboration with the International Baccalaureate. The Discovery Centre is the only Beaconhouse School offering Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE IGCSE examinations in Karachi.

Normal Ages of Pupils at the Time of Admission
Toddlers 2+
Pre-Nursery 3+
Nursery 4+
Kindergarten 5+
I 6+
II 7+
III 8+
IV 9+
V 10+
VI 11+
VII 12+
VIII 13+
IX – IGSCE 14+
X – IGCSE 15+
XI – IGCSE 16+
IB Diploma Programme (DP) 17+


If parents wish to withdraw their child from the school, one month’s notice in writing must be given to the school. One month’s fees must be paid to the school in lieu of such notice. No notice is required, however, if a student is withdrawn one month after the final examination. Notwithstanding the above, a student shall be considered withdrawn from the school if:

 (a) They have not attended the school for a period of one month, unless arrangements for such absence have been agreed to by the Head of that school.

(b) Their fees have remained unpaid for two consecutive months.

(c) They have been asked to withdraw from the school due to disciplinary reasons. In the event of such a withdrawal, the school shall not be required to give any notice before enforcing its decision, which shall be at the absolute and sole  discretion of the school.

(d) They have failed in the same class for two consecutive years or have failed to qualify for promotion on two different occasions in their school career.

In the cases above, outstanding fees shall be adjusted against the security deposit paid to the school.


Beaconhouse reserves the right to change or withdraw any of the policies mentioned in the prospectus without notice. Please note: Although the school sends out a circular to update contact information once a year, it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the school is immediately notified of any change of address/telephone number(s).

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