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Discovery Early Years

Discovery Early Years

Discovery Early Years offers Enhanced Learning Environment which is an amalgamation of educational technology along with traditional resources. We incorporate hands-on activities, focusing on hardware, software, display and use devices. We use peripherals such as the multimedia projector, EyeRIS, visualiser, digital camera, TABS, netbooks, headphones, digital microscope, BeeBot, scanner, coloured printer and the all-in-one computer to make learning interactive in our multi-faceted classrooms. 

Our world is rapidly changing. How can we help our children keep up?

In an era where children are becoming increasingly knowledgeable, they use the internet to try and find an answer to anything and everything. Hence it is futile for teachers and parents to teach children differently. Children must learn to be less wasteful and more resourceful. Today’s generation needs skills for the 21st century. What are these?

  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Critical thinking

How is Discovery Early Years catering to this?

The Project based learning Approach at DEY is known to satisfy these demands and develop the 21st century skills. Children start with a driving question related to any observation they make. Then they move on to make significant academic connections and from here they choose the direction of their learning which is based on inquiry and discovery. This leads to meaningful learning which is facilitated by the teacher. They assess and rethink their new learning. Finally, the students present their learning outcomes. In this term, our Classes I and II students completed a project each.

Fostering 21st century skills at home

Try these ideas as starters for supporting your child’s success.

  • When children play together, offer them a collective set of materials (such as a bin of crayons) to play with rather than individual sets. This will encourage sharing, taking turns and improve their social skills.
  • Introduce words for “please” and “thank you” from different languages around the world.
  • Encourage your children to participate in family decisions and problem-solving, and then praise your child’s efforts.

Together with your support and working side by side with the teachers, we will bring about the best in our future generation.

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