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Discovery Primary School

Discovery Primary Years

Primary School Facilities

The school facility is an integral component of the conditions of learning rather than a passive container of the educational process. Beaconhouse School System is always adapting to the needs of our students and striving to give them the greatest revenues of teaching and learning. We aim to provide our students every opportunity to explore and experience learning in a resource rich and congenial environment in the best possible way.

Discovery Primary Years offers a place of learning experience that contributes to a sense of ownership, safety and security, personalization as well as spaciousness in its students, teachers and the parents. The school building connects more to the visually and kinesthetically natural environment together with transitional indoor and outdoor learning spaces. It also offers the classrooms that celebrate achievement, excellence, excitement, opportunity and discovery in various ways fostering inclusion and 21st century learner skills.

e Learning:

Use of variety of digital technological tools in school engage students in active learning and make them digitally literate immersing them in critical thinking and collaboration in an effective way. In this modern era where students are born with technology, it’s the need of time and space to incorporate resources that children absolutely love to learn with. Discovery Primary Years is equipped with latest technology in the branch such as latest cameras, tablets, digital science equipment and video conferencing where our students use them as a learning aid with purposeful integration in projects and across all areas of teaching and learning.

Media Room:

To engage students in bringing the world of media into the classroom and to associate their learning with real and lived life experiences Discovery Primary Years has introduced media room in the branch that validates media culture as a rich environment for learning. It provides an opportunity for integrating all subject areas and foster communication and collaboration among students.

Library as Learning Resource Centre:

Discovery Primary years primarily focus on the reading of students along with writing and other concrete learning experiences. Our library is designed as a collaborative working and learning space equipped with state of the art resources and all kinds of books. Students enjoy their reading and research time in a cozy space under the guidance of their teachers by making use of available resources.


Discovery Primary Years use STEM to develop a set of thinking, reasoning, teamwork, investigative, and creative skills that students can use in all areas of their lives. STEM isn’t a standalone class—it’s a way to intentionally incorporate different subjects across an existing curriculum.

Keeping this approach in mind our students across all classes are involved in some activity or the other where they create their own products and present it to the audience. Through the STEM lessons, students address real social, economic, and environmental problems and seek solutions. The students’ work is hands-on and collaborative, and decisions about solutions are student-generated. Students communicate to share ideas and redesign their prototypes as needed. They control their own ideas and design their own investigations.

Activity Clubs:

Discovery Primary Years offer an Enrichment Programme for students in the form of different clubs of their interest such as Pottery/Crafts, Sports, Taekwando, and Music etc. It encourages every student to take part in the activity clubs as a means of providing avenues for personal growth, developing skills and honing the talents.


Beaconhouse curricula follow a variety of processes that focus on developing 21st century learner skills in students. The curricula is analysed and designed in a systematic and collaborative manner to meet the international standards of providing quality education.

Therefore, Discovery Primary Years curriculum ensures the holistic development of students and enables each student to realise their individual potential. The activities in school extend education into various constructive pedagogical approaches mainly project based and inquiry based learning across all disciplines of curriculum.  Moreover students are taught various outside curriculum skills such as leadership qualities, confidence, team work, and passive and critical thinking, which foster the growth of their mental, physical and emotional capabilities. All students have access to a full range of activities and experiences and are provided with practical, hands-on learning opportunities which enable them to experience learning in a purposeful way.


Classroom Environment

The classroom environment is a second teacher for any student. In Discovery Primary Years, it is inclusively designed to provide the variety of learning settings that is essential to successfully support project-based, real-world authentic learning. Learning setting in each classroom is being designed to support individualized, self-directed learning catering to all kind of learning styles of the students.

They are equipped with variety of latest resources, technological equipment and state of the art learning peripherals that support and facilitate learning in the best manner and help students unlock their true potential to become high achievers and gain the level of academic excellence. Teachers are silent facilitators where students are independent in their engagement through activities and frequent discussions and collaboration. They create intellectually engaging opportunities for students to apply new learning in different contexts. The teachers make conscious efforts to set up their class that is engaging and allows them to communicate with their students non-verbally in a space that is emotionally, physically and academically empowering for them.

Project Based Learning (USP)

Children learn best when they are exposed to experience by discovering and asking questions while they seek their answers with the help of guided inquiry. The Project Based Approach builds 21st century skills in them such as communication, collaboration, problem solving, inquiry and critical thinking and relates to their real life experiences. They have the opportunity to look for the answers and come up with possible solutions in their individualized learning style thus fostering inclusion and metacognition. PBL challenges them to think on their own and take responsibility beyond their classroom such as home, community, country and eventually the world. They research on global issues to become globally competent while working on the projects in an authentic and purposeful way. It also deepens the contextual understanding fostering their creativity in surprising ways. They learn to become reflective as they give feedback to their peers and criticize their work to make it meaningful.

Learning curriculum through projects help them think of the information widely and also to comprehend and apply the acquired skills in real life situations, building a lifelong pattern of learning and gaining dynamic workplace skills.

Extra-curricular activities/Physical Education

Discovery Primary Years aim to foster physically fit and active students. Extracurricular activities and physical education in school allow them to pursue interests outside of a standardized academic context which helps them to learn essential skills in management, delegation and complex problem solving. The school arranges various engaging extra curricular and physical activities every year which lays special emphasis on 100% participation of students no matter what their level of proficiency is. Students use these activities to explore interests to expose them to a more diverse range of interests within them.

The teachers are trained to rigorously plan activities and resources that enable the students to prepare for the changes in their lifestyle to succeed. Thus the school prioritizes ongoing, developmentally appropriate and explicit learning about health and movement, from a direct teacher centred approach to an indirect student centred approach enhancing their sense of persistence and achievement.


Foreign Language

Our mission is to promote the diversity of world cultures and languages by providing innovative interdisciplinary learning opportunities. The world of the 21st century requires knowledge of different languages and cultures. In an increasingly connected world, foreign language proficiency is more important than ever. Learning another language has many cognitive, academic, and social benefits

Discovery Primary Years offers German Language to its students. Not only do the students discover the language, but they also learn to appreciate and discover its culture. These first steps into language learning are the foundations to creating a globally competent profile that is willing to share, communicate and believe in their multilingual potential.

The teachers keep a quality check over the learning progress of the students by observing them in the classroom’ activities and giving reflective feedback to them.  Thus students are seen to be showing immense interest in knowing about diverse cultures, places, and lifestyle, which offers a life changing experiences to them.

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