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Principal’s message

Principal's message

At Discovery Centre – A Beaconhouse School, students acquire a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the world around them. They become inquirers who are aware of their surroundings, are able to identify prevalent issues and aspire to engage in finding solutions to those issues. We offer freedom to learn by empowering the students to select and devise their learning experiences, and become lifelong learners.

We offer innovative and challenging educational pathway through PBL, IGCSE and IB Diploma Programme a complete road map for pre-university education. Our vision is complemented by Project Based Learning (PBL), pastoral care and student leadership at its heart. Thus, the educational streams offered are a combination of the best in the world supplemented by state of the art facilities.

The holistic education balances students’ academic, social, physical and emotional growth. At Discovery Centre, each student is an individual whose strengths are acknowledged and further honed and they are equipped with skills to learn and adapt in an ever-changing world.

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Nazia Adeel

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