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Student Projects

Student Projects

During the project, learners inquired and researched about areas in Karachi facing water shortage. The aim was to prevent water crisis in under-developed neighborhood places. They visited Gizri and Delhi Colony, interviewed the people residing there. They created survey/questionnaires to ask the residents of underdeveloped neighborhood of Karachi in their field trips. Besides they visited the Nature Water Filtration Plant and constructed their own water filters. While comparing old Karachi and new Karachi, they discussed how Karachi has changed over times. Having circle times, discussing all the issues the people of Karachi face and how to overcome them enabled them to infuse critical thinking in their learning. They analyzed the multiple uses of land by an individual on daily basis.

Learners got the opportunity to discuss and reflect about the factors which have influenced the major changes in Karachi over the time. Realizing over population to be the root cause of water shortage and to attain a global perspective, learners studied case studies and compared Karachi with Tokyo, Mumbai and Dhaka in terms of population and local community problems related to water shortage and their solutions. They compiled data and created presentations.

Lastly, they designed posters on water shortage and recorded video tutorials on how to create homemade water filters for survival situations. Learners enthusiastically prepared project deliverables such as pamphlets and brochures to put up around the school and to distribute them to students and in their local community. Furthermore, they designed a city on Minecraft, which according to their creativity was an example of a futuristic city devoid of all the current problems. The Project Culmination day concluded the project work of the learners showcasing their learning to the audience, parents and experts invited.

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